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The story of UNQ STUFF is actually the story of my life or a part of it, and it was born only a few years back when I was PREGNANT for the first time.

I remember THAT at that time I longed for clothes made of quality materials, clothes that are kind to my, from month to month more stretched skin. I was looking for clothes made of quality, light and natural materials that breathe AND ADAPT TO MY BODY, which was slowly changing its shape.

After a few unsuccessful purchases, I began to be more and more aware of the importance of such clothes. I longed for clothes that do not obstruct my movement, and that are nevertheless modern and give my skin a feeling of LIGHTNESS.

When our firstborn came to our lives, I did not know how to hold her AT FIRST, let alone dress her, but I was well aware that the delicate skin of the baby needs exactly that tenderness and lightness that I had longed for over the past nine months.

My silent desire came to life for the first time when I sewed the first harem pants for my little girl. They were nice, soft and tender, and I wanted to immediately show them to other mums. Slowly, my ideas began to get shape, and sketches from my thoughts for the first time seriously found the way to the paper.

At first, an occasional creation for our family, after the birth of the second daughter and son, became a bigger project and soon the Slovenian Unq Stuff brand was born, and it is becoming a synonym for comfortable and quality trendy children’s clothes and accessories. The work became more serious and for the first time in my life I set off to an independent business path.

Together with the growth of our children, business ambitions consequently also grew, as well as the sizes of clothes made for our children. It was usually difficult to find suitable clothes in the flood of various products and brands of clothes for older children. Therefore, we added clothes for children aged 2 – 10 years to the collection for the youngest children and babies. At the moment, this range of products, besides baby clothes and accessories, represents the core of our production, and we also plan to expand our production to women clothing and specifically to clothes for pregnant women.

The materials we use in the manufacture of children’s clothes are of high quality, tested and not treated with any raw chemicals and pesticides.

The products of the Unq Stuff brand are pleasant, comfortable and unique.



We have committed to the creation of unique modern children’s clothes made from high quality, light, airy and natural materials. Skin-friendly materials breathe together with the baby’s skin and no not obstruct the child’s play.
At the beginning, we decided to do things differently from most children’s brands. We set ourselves to manufacture clothes ethically, locally and environmentally friendly. All our clothes are from the idea, to the selection of materials and finished products made in Slovenia.


The vision of our company is to become the leading small Slovenian manufacturing textile company for the manufacture of modern and quality clothes for babies, children and pregnant women, developed in Slovenia. With the recognition of the brand, which is confirmed by the local quality manufacture and creative design, we want to be significantly present also beyond the Slovenian borders.


UNQ STUFF, Tina Rabzelj s.p.

Vikrče 35g,
1211 Ljubljana

VAT number: SI36716863

Telephone 041/425-043
Email: info@unqstuff.si

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